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In 2019 I was chosen as part of a new design team to join Global following the acquisition of Primesight and two other Out Of Home advertising companies (Exterion and Outdoor Plus). 


This provided an exciting opportunity to work on large-scale projects such as the advertising contract held with TfL and radio brands such as LBC, Heart and Capital FM. It has also allowed me to work with a range of new commercial and leadership teams as well as developing skills in motion graphics.

Having been promoted to Senior Designer in 2020 my role has evolved from looking after Global’s out of home offering to taking on responsibility for maintaining the Global brand and all its commercial offerings. Working with our marketing teams and board members, I design projects that push the Global brand whilst paying meticulous attention to detail. These projects include commercial presentations, internal communications and social output on our professional social accounts using the full range of the Adobe suite.


As a mentor with the Creative Mentor Network, I support students at The Global Academy. This helps build a coaching culture at work, up-skill and retain upcoming talent, and support a generation of diverse young people into the creative industry. 

Graphic content supplied for 'Your Audience Awaits' Global's latest marketing video campaign

Motion graphic for Capital FM OOH campaign

Asset 57@4x.png
Asset 53@4x.png
Asset 55@4x.png

Illustrations highlighting Global's new 'Media Moments'  that 2020 has created


Branding for RISE network - Global’s diversity group representing and supporting Globallers from various different ethnic, racial and cultural backgrounds and for our allies. RISE is an acronym for the network’s core values: Representation, Inclusion, Safe Space & Education.

Heart Logo RGB - png.png
1Asset 2.png

Motion graphics for partnership competition from Heart FM and Robinsons 

Capital Logo - Network 95-106 - RGB - pn

Capital FM Deck showcasing our vast social media reach to young people

Friday Revenue Meeting deck template for Global's Commercial Teams 

Global marketing email design example


Video asset highlighting our prime OOH locations

Motion graphic for Global's first OOH and Radio campaign collab for Talk Talk and Heart

OOH pitch idea for Lucozade on our RouteMaster estate

Marketing Document for Our DAX brand

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