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Ting Ying

Celebrating excellence in making and honouring the extraordinary living craft tradition of Dehua, China, Ting Ying presents unique and limited edition Blanc de Chine porcelain works.

Established by ceramic designer Peter Ting and writer Ying Jian, Ting Ying required a brand identity that highlighted both the traditional and contemporary. I created a brand identity which reflected this mix and from there I developed the brand guidelines. Using these guidelines I built a website which highlighted the artists exquisite skills and craftsmanship. 

I then mixed and edited Videos shot in Dehua before the whole brand was launched at Tresor Contemporary Craft fair in Basel, Switzerland.

Photography by Jan Baldwin & footage by Calvin Sit.


Video created for Ting Ying's exhibition in the Saatchi Gallery in London

Ting Ying Logo


Ting Ying branded print material

Ting Ying photography

Peter Ting - Flower Cylinder.jpg

Ting Ying website

Ting Ying gallery piece

Ting Ying gallery piece

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